BTR AMP v13.0 – Volume Normalization – ReplayGain and Sound Check


Version 13.0 introduces support for reading ReplayGain and Sound Check volume normalization data from your audio files. BTR AMP can then use that data to play audio files at the same perceived playback loudness level across songs. This keeps you from having to adjust the volume on your stereo when one song is recorded at a lower volume than another song.

ReplayGain Support

ReplayGain (RG) is a well documented technique for determining the peak level of volume in an audio file and creation of a gain adjustment that can be used to increase or decrease the volume of that audio file during playback with the goal of a playlist of songs all having the same peak volume. RG contains both track and album values. BTR AMP intelligently applies album value when you are listening to a single album at a time, and otherwise uses the track gain value. Click here to read more about ReplayGain.

While BTR AMP v13.0 knows how to read RG data from audio files, it does not have the ability to create RG data. If you have audio files that do not contain RG data, you can use one of the following tools on your Windows PC, Mac, or Linux to scan and apply the data to your audio files:

Sound Check

Sound Check (SC) is Apple’s technology for doing the same thing that RG does. Most all songs purchased through the iTunes Store will contain SC data. SC only contains track specific data.

Manual Gain Values

In addition to being able to read RG and SC data from your audio files, BTR AMP provides you with the ability to specify a Manual Track Gain and Manual Album Gain setting. These can be used both when RG and SC data is not present, or to manually override RG and SC data. And mirroring the RG track and album gain usage, BTR AMP will intelligently use the Manual Track Gain and Manual Album Gain values.

Viewing and Adjusting Gain

BTR AMP v13.0 renamed the Equalizer screen to the Audio Mixer screen to indicate the expanded functionality that was added. During playback of an audio file, use the Audio Mixer to view the current RG, SC, and Manual gain values, along with being able to adjust the Manual gain values, and the Volume Normalization Preamp gain. Audio files located in the Document tab of BTR AMP can be edited using the Edit menu item. The edit screen also displays the RG, SC, and Manual gain values, and the Manual gain values can also be specified here.