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Beyond The Rapids Laboratories LLC (“BTR Labs”) is not interested in collecting any of your private information for any reason other than to help us make BTR AMP better. Your music data (i.e., song files, the library database, playback history, album covers) is YOUR music data. BTR AMP does not send any music data back to BTR Labs. Your music data stays on your device. Crash reports sent to BTR Labs from iOS may contain limited metadata related to your music data in order to assist BTR Labs with debugging something that we didn’t get right the first time. While the current version of BTR AMP does not do so, future versions of BTR AMP may include some level of “feature usage tracking” in order to help BTR Labs better understand how BTR AMP is being used and if it is as useful as we believe that it is.

We would love to hear how much you LOVE to use BTR AMP and/or how you believe BTR Labs can make BTR AMP even better, but any interaction with BTR Labs via email or social media platforms is at your discretion and is not required in order to use BTR AMP.

Any conflicts between the above statements and the formal statements below simply means that we need to better explain to our lawyers what the situation is.

UPDATE (15 DEC 2020) – per Apple’s App Privacy requirements, the only data that BTR AMP had to claim it was “collecting” was related to accessing Google services to support Google Drive connectivity. If you don’t use the Google Drive feature in BTR AMP, then the “User ID” and “Other” data collection is not applicable. See the following link for details from Google.

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Privacy Policy