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BTR AMP v14.0 – AutoSync

AutoSync gives you the ability to create "Sync Jobs" that will periodically run in the background to keep your device synchronized with files on your remote servers.

BTR AMP v13.0 – iOS Music App Playback Mode Setting

Playback of DRM/CLOUD songs from the iTunes Library is only possible using the iOS Music app. The iOS Music app does not support playback of songs not in the iTunes

BTR AMP v13.0 – Volume Normalization – ReplayGain and Sound Check

Overview Version 13.0 introduces support for reading ReplayGain and Sound Check volume normalization data from your audio files. BTR AMP can then use that data to play audio files at

BTR AMP – Getting Started Guide – Importing YOUR Music Files

You downloaded BTR AMP with the idea that it would solve the problem of how to easily get YOUR digital music library onto your iPhone/iPad. But how? This guide helps