Terms of Service for BTR AMP

What We Have To Say…

Beyond the Rapids Laboratories LLC (BTR Labs) (the OWNER) provides BTR AMP as-is to owners of iPhone and iPads (the USER) via the Apple App Store. We want the best music player for iOS, thus our pride alone will help ensure that you too have the best piece of software that BTR Labs can provide you in your hands.

All content within BTR AMP (the MUSIC DATA) is provided by the USER. BTR Labs is NOT a streaming music service, thus BTR Labs provides zero content to the USER. We continue to use more than one streaming music service daily during the development of BTR AMP, but that’s not what we’re in the business of.

An active MEMBERSHIP is required to use the PLAYBACK feature of BTR AMP. MEMBERSHIPS are available either as an auto-recurring monthly or yearly subscription (including a free trial period) or a single, one-time payment for an “Infinity Membership. All financial transactions are coordinated via the Apple App Store. Current pricing information is available in the Apple App Store and within BTR AMP.

Any conflicts between the above statements and the formal statements below simply means that we need to better explain to our lawyers what the situation is.

What Our Lawyers Make Us Say…

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