BTR AMP v15.2 – WebDAV Client – Now Available in the AppStore

Version 15.2 includes:

  • Connect – WebDAV client – connect, download, and upload directly to/from WebDAV servers from BTR AMP including setting up Sync Jobs
  • Connect – AutoSync – added two new Sync Types: “Download Missing” (only overwrites existing files when size is different) and “Download All” (always overwrite existing files)
  • Connect – AutoSync – tweaked existing Sync Type “Download New” (only overwrite existing files when modified date is newer on source)
  • Connect – Sync Job History – fixed issue where background was black
  • Connect – Google Drive – fixed issue when uploading of files from outside of the Documents tab resulted in files being arbitrarily dumped in the root folder
  • Library – MP3 files – fixed issue where ID3v2.4 tags were failing to be read