BTR AMP v16.1 – Now Available in the AppStore

Version 16.1 includes:

  • CarPlay – Now Playing Screen – changed the middle “is favorite” button to a “more” button that takes you to another screen where both “Is Favorite” and the “Start Rating” can be set
  • Documents – added a “Remount” action in the menu for external locations – this can be used to reconnect the external location to BTR AMP without the need to delete the location (and the song records, playlists, etc)
  • Player Screen – Mixer – added + and – buttons to the equalizer bands for more precisely adjusting the settings
  • Player Screen – iPad – re-enabled the view queue and mixer buttons and implemented toggling of the display of those sections
  • Settings – Interface – added a new, separate option for controlling the display of codec information on the player screen
  • Various usability enhancements and bug fixes

Download on the App Store