BTR AMP v17.0 – Custom Lists Your Way – Now Available in the AppStore

Version 17.0 delivers major enhancements to library management, along with numerous usability enhancements and bug fixes.

  • NEW – Library – Item Lists – Featured screen and tabs are now fully configurable (style, size, width, spacing, etc)
  • NEW – Library – Item Lists – Featured – add/remove/re-order sections
  • NEW – Library – Item Lists – Item Specific Lists (i.e., “Hard Rock Albums”, “Pop Artists”, etc)
  • NEW – Library – Item Lists – Playback – added a new menu/swipe option for “Play After Current Album” that inserts the selected item after the last song of the current album’s set of songs, but before any others in the play queue
  • NEW – Library – Tabs – can now hide unwanted tabs – long-press on the bottom tab bar
  • NEW – CarPlay – Featured tab – now mirrors the Featured screen in the main app
  • NEW – CarPlay – Now Playing screen – added an option to the “more menu” to mark the current song’s album as a favorite (in addition to being able to favorite the current song itself)
  • NEW – Settings – Auto-Lock – added a new setting under Settings/Interface for specifying the desired iOS Auto-Lock mode – options include: Automatic, When Charging, When Playing (or charging), and Always – this indicates when BTR AMP overrides the iOS setting, allowing you to keep the screen unlocked beyond what you have iOS configured to do

  • FIXED – Player Engine – fixed issue where playback was not restarting after receiving or making a phone call
  • FIXED – Player Engine – Crossfade – when in single song repeat mode, the song now properly crossfades into itself instead of ending and restarting at the beginning of the crossfade duration
  • FIXED – Player Engine/Screen – fixed issue where after scrubbing the audio would stutter and/or repeat
  • FIXED – Library – Scanning – Full Scan now properly removes songs in the database whose audio file no longer exists
  • FIXED – Connect – SMB Client – fixed issue with AutoSync Jobs where the server had a share, yet the share name was also being treated as the root path – if you have a problem with a AutoSync Job, delete and recreate it and it should now work

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