BTR AMP v5.0 – CarPlay – Now Available in the AppStore

Version 5.0 introduces three major new features: complete Apple CarPlay compatibility, built-in Google Drive connectivity for uploading/downloading music, and creation of new shortcut tabs for direct access to list filters/sorts that you use the most (including a new tab editor under Settings/Interface/Tabs that supports renaming shortcut tabs and reordering all tabs)

BTR AMP v4.0 – Windows SMB – Now Available in the AppStore

Version 4.0 is a combination of numerous new and enhanced features.

New Features include: A) SMB Uploads – v3.0 introduced downloads from Mac/Windows/Linux computers – v4.0 introduces uploads to those same computers; B) Search by Name – pull down on list and search by typing in the name of a Song, Artist, Album, Genre; and C) Auto-bookmarks for Long Play Songs (audiobooks, podcasts, EDM live sets).

Enhanced Features include A) updated Play Queue current song visuals; B) Songs everywhere enhanced long press context menu; C) Local/In-app songs without embedded cover art default to local JPEG file (folder.jpg or albumartsmall.jpg); D) Settings to filter out DRM and/or CLOUD items at the library level; and many more various bug fixes and optimizations.

BTR AMP v3.0 – Windows SMB – Now Available in the AppStore

Introducing a built-in Windows SMB client under the Connect section. This allows you to download files from other computers such as your PC/Mac/Linux directly into BTR AMP by connecting via the SMB protocol (i.e., Windows File Shares).

If you are unfamiliar with SMB/Windows File Shares, take a look at the following websites:


Windows 10


BTR AMP v1.0 – It Is Finally Here – Now Available in the AppStore

After 15+ years of thinking about creating it, 10+ years of waiting for someone else to create it, and the past 9 months of design and development work, we’re proud to announce the release of version 1.0 of BTR AMP to the Apple App Store!

BTR AMP is the premier alternative to the native iOS Music app for listening to YOUR music collection. BTR AMP is A) the best way to organize your collection of music files and the most efficient way to get at the songs that you want to play; B) the best way to efficiently move your music files onto and off of your iPhone/iPad; and C) the best way to listen to your music.

BTR AMP is not a streaming music service such as Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music – we use at least one of those every day too. BTR AMP is the answer to what to do with all of those CDs sitting in your attic that you used to listen to everyday.

While we’re proud of what version 1.0 can do, there is plenty more in store for BTR AMP over the coming months. If you ever use your iPhone/iPad to play your own music files, download BTR AMP now from the Apple App Store. Regardless, please help spread the word and share this post with your connections.