BTR AMP v12.0 – To Mix or Not To Mix – Now Available in the AppStore

Download v12 of BTR AMP on the App Store today

Version 12.0 is a big release that we’re very excited to bring to you. This release includes:


  • Changed the minimum iOS version to 14.0 and fixed a couple of things related to supporting iOS 15


  • Player Engine – Gapless Playback is now a thing – listen to continuous mix CD’s (i.e., live concerts, EDM mixes, etc) the way they were intended to be heard
  • Player Engine – Crossfade Playback is now a thing – listen to your favorite songs like a DJ would be mixing them from one song to the next
  • Menus – App Wide – replaced nearly every action menu with a shinier one
  • Cover Art – in header areas and in the player – long press context menu – “Share”, “Add to Photos”, and “Copy” – short-press opens full screen view
  • Cover Art – in Document/Edit File – expanded set of actions – “Select from Photos” to include “Select from Files”, “Add To Photos”, “Save To Files”, “Share”, “View”, “Copy”, “Paste”, and “Remove”
  • Documents – Move Item(s) – replaced the custom folder picker with the iOS folder picker for better usability
  • Play Queue Screen – reworked for better usability
  • Mini-Player – long press context menu – swapped out “simple one item menu” in favor of one with a bunch of additional shortcut actions
  • Settings – Player – Playback Mode Options – toggle between Gapless, Crossfade, and Forced Gap – additional options for Crossfade Duration and Forced Gap Duration
  • Settings – Player – added switches to disable the “Like” and “Dislike” buttons on the “Control Center Media Remote”

We still have a long list of features that we plan to bring you, but please don’t hesitate to reach out to to help prioritize what will be in the next release.