FAQ – Is BTR AMP a Subscription Based App?

Q: Is BTR AMP a subscription-based app?

A: BTR AMP is a paid app that offers both a ONE TIME PAYMENT option (the Infinity Membership) and a PAY AS YOU GO option (the Monthly and Yearly Memberships – i.e., subscriptions). It’s all about giving you the ability to decide what is best for you. In order to determine if BTR AMP meets your needs, BTR AMP offers a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL, but you must sign up for a subscription in order to receive the FREE 30-DAY TRIAL. In order to not be charged by Apple for the installment price of the subscription, you must cancel the subscription more than 24 hours before it expires.

We are confident that over the course of the FREE 30-DAY TRIAL, BTR AMP will convince you that it is worth your hard earned money. But if you like what you see, yet aren’t quite ready to pay for the Infinity Membership, hang around for a couple of months via the Monthly Membership (less than half the price of a cup of coffee around these parts) and watch us continue to make BTR AMP even more incredible. Better yet, please reach out to the BTR AMP Support Team with feature requests and bug reports.

Our goal is to put out new releases at least once a month, though life can sometimes get in the way. We have already invested a couple thousand hours into the design and development of BTR AMP and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Enjoy!