BTR AMP – FAQ – Library – How do I fix my broken compilation album?


BTR AMP creates Albums based on the following metadata (i.e., ID3 tags) from your audio file(s): ALBUM_NAME, ALBUM_ARTIST, FOLDER_PATH

If your audio files have a blank/empty ALBUM_ARTIST field, BTR AMP will copy the value from the [TRACK] ARTIST field.


When BTR AMP encounters a set of audio files for a compilation album that have different values for the ARTIST field and no values for the ABLUM_ARTIST field, BTR AMP simply creates a new ALBUM record for each ARTIST found, thus breaking a single album into multiple ALBUM records within BTR AMP.


The way to avoid having BTR AMP break up your compilation albums is to populate the ALBUM_ARTIST field in the audio files for the compilation with the same value. In other words, enter something such as “Various”, “Various Artists”, or “Unknown” as the value for the ALBUM_ARTIST field. This can be accomplished by one of the following methods:

Future Feature(s()

We understand that some users are looking for a “complete solution” for managing and listening to their audio library. We have had that in mind from day one. We already plan on adding a number of additional features in upcoming releases that will make both identifying “broken compilations” and fixing them much easier. Until then, hopefully the above will assist users in getting the most out of BTR AMP without being frustrated.

BTR AMP – FAQ – Connect – How do I use the Custom URL Scheme to initiate a Download Synchronization?

Version 10.1 introduced support for a Custom URL Scheme and an operation that can be initiated via that scheme: starting a download synchronization. If you are regularly grabbing all new audio files from your desktop or laptop, this shortcut solution can help automate that.

The URL scheme is pretty straight forward:


For example, using an account named “H” (which the SMB URL points at the computer without any share or folder info) and wanting to download the entire folder “Rock” from the share named “MUSIC”, this is what my URL looks like:


Within the Shortcuts app, add a new Shortcut, touch Add Action within that Shortcut, find the action type named “Open URLs”, enter your customized version of the above “btramp” URL, give the Shortcut a name. Now you can either verbally tell Siri to run that shortcut or you can manually launch the shortcut by either launching the Shortcuts app or adding a Home Screen icon for the shortcut and touching that when you want to run the sync.

When executed BTR AMP will create a notification that the Download Synchronization started. When execution is completed, BTR AMP will create a notification summarizing how many files have been downloaded and/or skipped (i.e., they were previously downloaded).

BTR AMP v10.1 – Listen To Me Clearer – Now Available in the AppStore

Version 10.1 is a bug fix and polishing release. This fixes a critical issue that was causing the app to unexpectedly crash, especially when working in the background (i.e., like when you were using it connected to CarPlay and/or using Siri). While we were fixing that core issue, we also took the time to make the CarPlay solution that much shinier and introduce a Custom URL Scheme for launching automated downloads.

The CarPlay interface now mirrors any customizations that you’ve made to tabs in the main app.  Any tabs that you’ve “pinned” now show up under the Library section of CarPlay and all items under Library (default or pinned) mirror the order from the main app.

Use the Shortcuts app to “Open URL” with a specially crafted URL that instructs BTR AMP to start a download.

As always, this new version also contains various bug fixes and optimizations.

BTR AMP v10.0 – Listen To Me – Now Available in the AppStore

Version 10.0 brings you comprehensive support for Siri, both telling Siri to initiate playback, along with shortcuts for automating BTR AMP using the Shortcuts app. Tell Siri what playlist, album, artist, genre or song you want to hear and whether and even if you want it shuffled. Hey Siri, play the playlist Party Time in BTR AMP! Hey Siri, shuffle the playlist Favorites in BTR AMP! Hey Siri, shuffle the genre Rock in BTR AMP! Combine v6’s Smart Playlists with the new Siri support for the ultimate modern music listening experience.

As always, this new version also contains various bug fixes and optimizations.

BTR AMP v9.0 – Bigger or Smaller Things – Now Available in the AppStore

Version 9.0 provides full support for iOS’s Dynamic Type (i.e., scalable text). Users who have difficulty reading small text on their device can increase the size of text, while other users who prefer to cram as much onto their screen as possible can decrease the size of text. Users indicate the desired size of text on their iPhone/iPad using the iOS Settings app (look under “Display & Brightness”, then “Text Size”).

As always, this new version also contains various bug fixes and optimizations.

BTR AMP v8.0 – Shinier Things – Now Available in the AppStore

Version 8.0 introduces two new features that give you even more control over BTR AMP’s look and feel.  The first enables you to customize when iOS Dark Mode is applied (e.g., Automatic, Never, and Always).  The second enables you to customize the color of buttons throughout BTR AMP (e.g., change from the default blue to any other primary color).  While subtle, when these two new features are combined, the result can be pretty cool.  Both can be found under Settings/Interface.

As always, this new version also contains various bug fixes and optimizations.

BTR AMP v7.0 – Custom Tags – Now Available in the AppStore

Organize YOUR Music In Unlimited Ways with Custom Tags
Organize YOUR music in unlimited ways with the new Custom Tags feature in v7.0

Version 7.0 introduces another EXCLUSIVE feature… Custom Tags!   When used in conjunction with Smart Playlists (from v6), Custom Tags give you the ability to organize YOUR music library in nearly unlimited ways.

Want to tag songs with the tempo (i.e., slow, medium, fast), create some tags for those tempos and tag away!  Want to tag songs that you want on your iPhone but actually don’t ever want to listen to, create a tag for it.  Want to tag songs with the specific language of the song, go for it!

Custom Tags are even hierarchical, providing you the ability to create categories/groupings of tags.  Smart Playlists then provide you with the ability to create a rule to quickly identify what songs have been assigned or not assigned a tag for a particular category/grouping.

To get started with tags, “long press” a song anywhere in the app and select the “Tag” option.  You can also tag multiple songs at once by clicking on “Select” in the top right corner, select the songs you want to tag, then select “Tag” from the list of actions.

As always, this new version also contains various bug fixes and optimizations, with some special attention to better support HiRes audio (HRA) (96kHz/24bit).