BTR AMP – FAQ – Connect – How do I use the Custom URL Scheme to initiate a Download Synchronization?

Version 10.1 introduced support for a Custom URL Scheme and an operation that can be initiated via that scheme: starting a download synchronization. If you are regularly grabbing all new audio files from your desktop or laptop, this shortcut solution can help automate that.

The URL scheme is pretty straight forward:


For example, using an account named “H” (which the SMB URL points at the computer without any share or folder info) and wanting to download the entire folder “Rock” from the share named “MUSIC”, this is what my URL looks like:


Within the Shortcuts app, add a new Shortcut, touch Add Action within that Shortcut, find the action type named “Open URLs”, enter your customized version of the above “btramp” URL, give the Shortcut a name. Now you can either verbally tell Siri to run that shortcut or you can manually launch the shortcut by either launching the Shortcuts app or adding a Home Screen icon for the shortcut and touching that when you want to run the sync.

When executed BTR AMP will create a notification that the Download Synchronization started. When execution is completed, BTR AMP will create a notification summarizing how many files have been downloaded and/or skipped (i.e., they were previously downloaded).