BTR AMP v10.1 – Listen To Me Clearer – Now Available in the AppStore

Version 10.1 is a bug fix and polishing release. This fixes a critical issue that was causing the app to unexpectedly crash, especially when working in the background (i.e., like when you were using it connected to CarPlay and/or using Siri). While we were fixing that core issue, we also took the time to make the CarPlay solution that much shinier and introduce a Custom URL Scheme for launching automated downloads.

The CarPlay interface now mirrors any customizations that you’ve made to tabs in the main app.  Any tabs that you’ve “pinned” now show up under the Library section of CarPlay and all items under Library (default or pinned) mirror the order from the main app.

Use the Shortcuts app to “Open URL” with a specially crafted URL that instructs BTR AMP to start a download.

As always, this new version also contains various bug fixes and optimizations.