BTR AMP v13.0 – iOS Music App Playback Mode Setting

Playback of DRM/CLOUD songs from the iTunes Library is only possible using the iOS Music app. The iOS Music app does not support playback of songs not in the iTunes

BTR AMP v13.0 – Volume Normalization – ReplayGain and Sound Check

Overview Version 13.0 introduces support for reading ReplayGain and Sound Check volume normalization data from your audio files. BTR AMP can then use that data to play audio files at

BTR AMP v13.0 – Normalizing Excellence – Now Available in the AppStore

Version 13.0 is another big release that we’re very excited to bring to you. This release includes: German language translation now available Audio Engine Volume Normalization – ReplayGain and Sound

BTR AMP v12.0 – Press Coverage on

"Within just a year and a half, BTR AMP has developed into what is probably the most powerful music player for the iPhone. The application is aimed at users who

BTR AMP v12.0 – To Mix or Not To Mix – Now Available in the AppStore

Version 12.0 is a big release that we're very excited to bring to you, including: Gapless Playback, Crossfade Playback, improved Menu system, enhanced Cover Art editing and viewing, reworked Play

BTR AMP v11.0 – Press Coverage on

"We presented the music player BTR AMP for the first time in spring. The application is aimed at users who manage their music collection in the classic iTunes style and

FAQ – Is BTR AMP a Subscription Based App?

Q: Is BTR AMP a subscription-based app? A: BTR AMP is a paid app that offers both a ONE TIME PAYMENT option (the Infinity Membership) and a PAY AS YOU

BTR AMP on German iPhone Site

Thanks to a very happy and enthusiastic customer from Germany, we’ve received our first bit of press coverage this week. BTR AMP: Mächtiger iPhone-Music-Player mit SMB- und Cloud-Integration Here is

BTR AMP – FAQ – Library – How do I fix my broken compilation album?

Background BTR AMP creates Albums based on the following metadata (i.e., ID3 tags) from your audio file(s): ALBUM_NAME, ALBUM_ARTIST, FOLDER_PATH If your audio files have a blank/empty ALBUM_ARTIST field, BTR

BTR AMP – FAQ – Connect – How do I use the Custom URL Scheme to initiate a Download Synchronization?

Version 10.1 introduced support for a Custom URL Scheme and an operation that can be initiated via that scheme: starting a download synchronization. If you are regularly grabbing all new