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BTR AMP v7.0 – Custom Tags – Now Available in the AppStore

Version 7.0 introduces another EXCLUSIVE feature‚Ķ Custom Tags!   When used in conjunction with Smart Playlists (from v6), Custom Tags give you the ability to organize YOUR music library in nearly

BTR AMP – Getting Started Guide – Importing YOUR Music Files

You downloaded BTR AMP with the idea that it would solve the problem of how to easily get YOUR digital music library onto your iPhone/iPad. But how? This guide helps

BTR AMP v6.0 – Smart Playlists – Now Available in the AppStore

Version 6.0 introduces Smart Playlists that work the way they are meant to work! EXCLUSIVE to BTR AMP, Smart Playlists are a set of customizable rules that automatically query YOUR

BTR AMP v5.0 – CarPlay – Now Available in the AppStore

Version 5.0 introduces three major new features: complete Apple CarPlay compatibility, built-in Google Drive connectivity for uploading/downloading music, and creation of new shortcut tabs for direct access to list filters/sorts

BTR AMP v4.0 – Windows SMB – Now Available in the AppStore

Version 4.0 is a combination of numerous new and enhanced features. New Features include: A) SMB Uploads – v3.0 introduced downloads from Mac/Windows/Linux computers – v4.0 introduces uploads to those

BTR AMP v3.0 – Windows SMB – Now Available in the AppStore

Introducing a built-in Windows SMB client under the Connect section. This allows you to download files from other computers such as your PC/Mac/Linux directly into BTR AMP by connecting via

BTR AMP v2.0 – 10-Band Equalizer – Now Available in the AppStore

Version 2.0 of BTR AMP introduces a brand new audio engine and more importantly a 10-band equalizer with over 20 presets both combining to make YOUR music sound that much

BTR AMP v1.1 – The Best Is Even Better – Now Available in the AppStore

This release includes a couple of bug fixes and various optimizations.

BTR AMP v1.0 – It Is Finally Here – Now Available in the AppStore

After 15+ years of thinking about creating it, 10+ years of waiting for someone else to create it, and the past 9 months of design and development work, we’re proud